About the Harvest Patch

The Harvest Patch is a local grown family run farm…

Located in the rolling hills of Wyoming County New York… The Harvest Patch is owned and operated by Joseph and Amy Meyer. Joseph has worked the land, milked the cows, and tended to the family farm since his birth… In 1980 he married the lady of his dreams Amy, and in 1983 they begin the Meyer family with Sarah Elizabeth in May of 1983, Ashley Claire in July of 1985, and Kate Marie in August of 1990….

The Harvest Patch all began when Sarah was two and Joseph wanted to plant her some pumpkins for Halloween, well those few plants he planted turned into 50 pumpkins, more than a two year old can carve, so he put up two cement blocks with a 2×4 and stacked the pumpkins for sale by the road… Well with a one day sell out he thought he might be on to something, and then became the birth of the Harvest Patch.

Every year we grow the business a little bit… Our Sweet Corn Stand is a much awaited sight for the locals coming out in mid July. We keep the stand stocked with corn, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, flowers, maple syrup, honey, jams, cucumbers, and much more through the summer months. As fall approaches the stand moves up the hill to make space to showcase the fall harvested pumpkins…

In 2011 we decided to throw our hat into the CSA ring… We have learned so much from our CSA members and have grown to change the CSA experience as we have learned what our members want. Our Harvest Patch Family has been growing as our CSA grows too Darryl and Ashley’s little daughter Aliza will turn 3 in August of this season and our newest members Owen and Henry¬† will turn 1 in March and April of this year.¬†

From our family farm to your family table we look forward to providing you with farm fresh vegetables all season long!

We look forward to the 2015 CSA year!!