Canning Peaches


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IMG_3077First I started this batch with 1/2 a bushel of StoneFree Peaches… there were 67 peaches in the half bushel… I laid them all out on my kitchen table to examine them… and I knew it would be a day before I got to canning them and I like to take them out of their basket to breath…    IMG_3078


The I got my jars all ready… First I clean them in hot water and a little dish soap, and I make sure to rinse them well so that no soap remains in the jar… then I take the jar and in a wide sauce pan I place about an inch of water, and put the jars in mouth side down and bring the water to a boil leaving the jars in until I am ready to fill them with peaches…

IMG_3079The I get all of my stove ready, they just don’t make the burners wide enough… The large granite blue is the caner.. fill it up with water and put on to boil… it takes a while so if you start it now by the time you get the jars packed it will be boiling… The small sauce pan in front is for making the simple syrup you will top off the jars with… place one quarter cup of sugar with 6 cups of water and heat until the sugar dissolves, then remove from heat…. the tall pot in the front it my blanching pot fill with water and bring to a boil to drop the peaches in… the red pan in the back is for the jars…

IMG_3080Next in the boiling pot of water, take and make an X with your knife along the bottom of your peach, and drop into boiling water for a few minutes, this is to remove the skins… once they look like the skins will fall of, remove from boiling water and place under sink and run cold water over them, then pull off the skins, so easy now…

IMG_3081Next let the packing begin… cut them in half and then into quarters, remove the pit and layer them into the hot jars from the boiling water in the pot on the stove… once the jar is full of peaches, pour in a little of the simple syrup to fill in the air pocket in between the peaches… Then place a lid and a screw top on to the jar… once you get enough jars filled to fill up your caner place them all in at the same time… and boil for 7 minutes… the books all say for 30 minutes, but I find that makes the peaches get mushy in the jars, and as long as the lid on your jar pops down the cans are sealed and ready to go….

IMG_3082The freshly caned peaches … all ready for storage until winter!



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Did you know that you can like the Harvest Patch on Facebook?

Go check us out for up to date photos, and CSA member contests


Spring Chicken Deal Ends April 30th


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Alright Veggie Hungry Friends, The Spring Chicken deal ends tomorrow April 30th.. If your mailed CSA form  is post marked by tomorrow, or if you call by tomorrow, you get your membership for the lower price… We still have room for a few more member but we are filling up quick!

Happy Halloween


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May your treats be as cute as this little pumpkin!!!

Happy Pumpkin Carving


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The Newsest Addition to The Harvest Patch Family


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Aliza Grace

Born August 13th 2012

She weighed 8 pound and 14 ounces

She is 22 inches long

And we think she is quite perfect!!!

Get Your Corn


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Hello Corn Lovers!!!!

It is that time of year, you can savor the delicious taste of fresh Sweet Corn all winter long by freezing it…

All you need to do to freeze it up :

first boil a pot of water

second place the corn in the water for 3 minutes

third remove the corn

forth cut off the cob  and place into freezer bags

Tip: I like to use a bunt pan to cut of the corn, rest the cob on the hallow middle part and then when you cut it off it falls into the pan…

Want to give it a try? Place your order in bulk…


Only :$3.00 a dozen… minimum order 5 dozen….

Call to place your order, and pick up at the farm, same day service may be available

Call Ashley at 585-322-3106

Email at :

Cup Cake Pops


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Had a great class for West Seneca Community Education Last night… We made Cake Pops, Meyer Lemon Cupcakes , and Carrot Cake Cupcakes…. Topped them off with Strawberry Butter Cream Frosting, and Cream Cheese Frosting….

Look How Cute Maeve’s goodies came out!!!


Yummy Treats….












CSAs in the news


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The Buffalo News Food Section will feature this Wednesday a listing of local CSAs…. Check it out and see about the Harvest Patch CSA

Spring Center Piece…


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       This display is super simple to make… just make sure to make it before   the daffodils picking season ends…

You will need: A basket, one block of floral foam, shredded brown paper bags, mossy stones( I got mine from Dollar Tree) , a sharp poker stick, and a wide selection of daffodils….

 – start by soaking the floral foam in water

 – put foam into the basket

 – poke holes with the stick in no particular order

 – stick the daffodils into the holes

 – cover the foam with the brown shreds

 – add in the moss rocks