The Produce List


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Harvest Patch CSA

Produce List

This is a list of the produce that we will plant in the spring, and with the help of Mother Nature they will grow into a bountiful harvest for all of us

There may be other plants added to this list and to your produce bag

In this list there are various varieties that will be grown under each vegetable, such as many types of tomatoes, onions, squash, peppers, sweet corn, pumpkins, lettuce, and beans
– Beets
– Cucumbers
– Green Beans
– Lettuce
– Peas
– Brussel Sprouts
– Eggplant
– Leeks
– Onions
– Peppers
– Sweet Corn
– Tomatoes
– Broccoli
– Cabbage
– Gourds
– Celery
– Sweet Corn
– Peppers
– Summer Squash
– Acorn Squash
– Butternut Squash
– Buttercup Squash
– Indian Corn
– Apples
– Pumpkins



The Harvest Patch CSA Big Announcement


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Introducing …..

The Harvest Patch

Farm Fresh Produce CSA

We are a family run produce farm located in the heart of Sheldon New York, only 8 miles east of East Aurora right on Route 20 a, one mile into the rolling hills of Wyoming County among the wind powered windmills. We have been growing the best corn and pumpkins in Wyoming County for 23 years and this year are throwing our hat into the ring of a Community Supported Agriculture Community.


Our CSA will run from the last week in June to the last week in October. Each week we will pack members bags full of farm fresh produce that is grown out of our family farm soil. Produce varies from week to week based on what is in season. Pick up will be available from our farm, as well as in East Aurora.


What makes our CSA so special…


First of all the vegetables are planted by Joe Meyer the man born with a green thumb on each hand…

Second we are keeping our CSA small, we are only allowing a very limited number of memberships, we feel that by keeping our member number lower that we will be able to provide more to the luck ones that are our members…

Third is the weekly bonus item… Every week in your produce bag you will receive a handmade bonus items, made by one of the Meyer ladies, baked goodies, jams, jellies, and maple syrup are just to name a few….

For more information and to fill out a membership application click here or contact Ashley at 585-322-3106


The Application


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Welcome to the official launch of the Harvest Patch CSA website!

Please fill out the application here.


Ashley Claire (Vegetable Queen)