Amazing Day


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What an amazing weekend we had with Family… We celebrated my parents 30th Anniversary with a huge surprise party… and that meant all the family was gathered together.. It was great

and then today when everyone was lounging at the pond Dad and I planted all of the celery, basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary head lettuce, and the eggplant… Now mother nature help us out and let it grow…



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Happy Friday everyone… and a rainy one at that…. the fields are so wet… but don’t fret we have lots of things planted and just need a dry day to get the rest in….

May you all have a great long Memorial Day weekend!!!

One Left


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and the spots  are almost gone….. We have one more slot left.. do you want to be the last CSA member, then post here so shoot us an email….

Mini Meals


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Taught a great mini meals class this evening… Made Howe Fiesta Enchiladas… Tomato Tart…Buffalo Stuffed Chicken breasts…and green and light pasta…Recipes to follow

Mama Meyer’s Green Beans


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You can’t eat this recipe and not want more…


Mama Meyer’s Green Beans


You will need:

Fresh picked green beans


Blue Cheese

Almonds/cashews/ pecans


Cook bacon in a saucepan

Turn off heat remove bacon

Save all the goodies


Boil a pot of water with a touch of salt

Snap the ends of the beans

Cook quickly in the boiling water


Remove beans from water

Add beans to the saucepan

Stir in blue cheese and bacon

Add any nuts you would like




The Green House Seed


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A few little guys ready and waiting to make it into the gardens

The sweet smell of Spring


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There is nothing greater then the sweet smell of spring after a gentle rain… now don’t get me worng we have had enough rain now… but Today take time to savor the smell of Spring…and the sound of birds peeping… and the bight greens that have popped on trees and in the ground…

– Did some work in the onion patch this weekend, got the rows all nice and wedding… Dad always says you cannot try to grow two crops in one row, weeds and plants can’t grow together, usual the weeds will win… Well weeds you will not be winning over our onion patch this year…

– Asparagus is looking amazing we just keep enjoying it  fresh

– Have lots of little pepper plants that have been in the “greenhouse” since February that are ready to get put into the soil…



10 Dollar Meals


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Taught a great cooking class tonight… we made delish fish…chicken wing soup…with cornbread waffles… Mama Meyer’s Green Beans…asparagus tart …. and chocolate gourmet dessert… and each meal can be prepared for under ten dollars…


Got  two more CSA members tonight… only a few spots left let us know if you want in on vegetable goodness!!!

Asparagus Tart


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and with fresh asparagus needs to come an asparagus tart…


Fresh Asparagus Tart



You will need:

– Ready Made Pie Crust

– Fresh Asparagus

– Five pieces of bacon

– ¼ cup of feta cheese

– ¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese





To Do:

-Roll out crust

– Cut into a square on a foil on a baking sheet

– Bake crust for 5 to 7 minutes

– Cut and clean asparagus

– Cook in frying pan the bacon

– Remove crust from the oven

– Use the bacon drippings to brush on the crust

– Sprinkle crust with the feta cheese

– Lay the asparagus in a pattern on the square crust

– Sprinkle in the bacon and cheddar cheese

– Bake in oven until the asparagus is tender


– Fast dinner tip-

For a faster cooking time, boil the asparagus in water first

Eating from the garden…


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Picked some delicious asparagus from the garden this afternoon… so excited to be eating fresh again this season…

Joe did some more plowing today… the earth is looking dark and rich:)