The Weather


Posted by Ashley | Posted in The Fields | Posted on 22-03-2012

Who would have thought we would need shorts in MARCH in WESTERN NY… Well the weather is lovely…. Joe got to clean up some fields this week and even turned over the first areas of dirt… the fresh sweet smell of dirt in March is pretty awesome….


The CSA slots are filling up fast now, if you are interested in joining for this year check the link to the right…

Maple Season is a Quick one


Posted by Ashley | Posted in Produce | Posted on 20-03-2012

With this very late spring summer like weather the Maple Syrup season was a sort lived season. Now that the trees have budded up no more sap is running, and with no more sap running, that means no more syrup is being made… It was a great time while it lasted, and we made beautiful delicious syrup….

Lots of warm full half gallons loaded on the truck for delivery to their new homes:)

Standing over the boiling pans makes for a great maple facial with all that sweet sap evaporating!!!

We line up the sample from each batch that is pulled off the pans and then place them in the window so that they can shine in the sun… they were so light and perfect this season!

Some of the hard working crew… it takes a lot of people power to make the magic happen:)

Super Syrup


Posted by Ashley | Posted in Produce | Posted on 10-03-2012

Fresh and Hot Bottled Maple Syrup… this stuff was light amber and beautiful…. Who wants pancakes…

Maple Woods….


Posted by Ashley | Posted in The Fields | Posted on 05-03-2012

Thanks goodness for this drop in the weather..It makes for perfect sap running to make that delicious Maple Syrup… We were in the woods all day Friday boiling sap into Syrup… It did not run this weekend… But if it warms up like it says we will see more full sap buckets this week…