Busy Planting weekend…


Posted by Ashley | Posted in The Fields | Posted on 26-05-2012

So thankful for this amazing weekend… and lots of great help today… Joe, Amy, Ashley , Linda, John, Darryl, Mike, Cassie… and Guinness were all such good workers…


-288 tomato plants – early girls, beefsteaks, big boys, lemon yellows, and roma

-280 pepper plants – red, green, sweet yellow and Hungarian wax

– 48 green celery

– 44 kohlrabi

– 52 various herb plants

– 36 summer squash

-36 zucchini plants

┬áLots of work… and lots of fun… just a little bit of sunburn…The fields before the plants went in… ground all tilled up and soft for the baby plants to go in…


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