Tomatoes Planted


Posted by Ashley | Posted in The Fields | Posted on 23-05-2013

IMG_2343These beautiful rows are now all filled with tomatoes and sweet pepper plants… I was so tired when we got done I forgot to take a after picture… so enjoy the before…..

Tomato Varieties Planted

– Big Boy – Early Girl – Glamor – Lemon Boy- Sweet Cherry- Roma-  Jet Star

Sweet Red, Yellow, and Green Bell Peppers Planted too

Looking Forward to a Busy Weekend


Posted by Ashley | Posted in The Fields | Posted on 17-05-2013

This weekend brings the Harvest Patch crew much work in preparing the fields and planting veggies…. Joe plated sweet corn and ornamental corn seed last night…. He has the discs all hooked to the tractor to make trenches to hand plant the potatoes today… On Sunday the arrival of 48 flats of vegetables with 48 plants in each flat means we need to get 2,304 little baby plants hand transplanted into the soil….

If you do not have big plans for your Sunday and want to make the short drive out to the farm after 2 pm, we will be there planting, feel free to come get your hands dirty with us!!



Cabbages already tucked into the soil, growing strong





IMG_2207Hey I am under here just playing with my basket of toys while you guys work hard getting dirty!








Happy Planting, Oh no Frost


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IMG_2242     There sure are many  plants to get in the ground… We did most of this work last weekend, when the weather was so beautiful and warm…. and here is little A on the wagon full of plants, all hardworking Harvest Patch ladies wear pink Tu-tus to plant veggies… There are leeks to the right, Brussels sprouts and kohlrabi behind her…






A shot with a shadow…. we have Romaine, buttercruch, and head lettuces planted here… and a full wagon of cold crops ready to get in the ground…



Many Many rows (John is standing in the end off the rows you can’t see them all in this photo) of Purple, Early, Late, and Market Prize Cabbages getting a little drink of water from John… take note of the beautiful plowed earth in the back of the pictures, all areas waiting to grow beautiful  vegetables for our CSA members